The Harmony Institute

The Harmony Institute

Discover how one woman’s vision of natural human-animal coexistence inspired and continues to guide the philosophical direction of Harmony.

Before the community of Harmony was created in east Osceola County, there was a project called the Harmony Institute. The Institute forms the philosophical - and even spiritual - heart of Harmony, Florida.

Founded as an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 1996, the Harmony Institute was created by former Orlando Humane Society director Martha Lentz to promote the public health value of living in close proximity to animals and natural wildlife ecologies. The Institute was named in memory of Margaret Harmony Eastman, the mother of the founder.

The 100-acres within Harmony's 11,000 acres provide the philosophical and moral leadership that today guides the development of the Harmony community.

Among other activities, the Institute studies and develops programs to innovate new ways for human beings to enjoy peaceful, healthy, coexisting relationships with the animals and the environment.


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